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Welcome to HeatWave Fire Training Systems
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Our expertise is your safety!

As a young medium-sized company, we specialise in the development, production and distribution of fire simulation devices and systems.

HeatWave Fire Training Systems (fire training systems) was founded in January 2019, incorporating technical expertise from the Naderer Firetrainer Group as well as experienced technicians from the fire simulation industry.


Our customers originate from both industrial and public sectors in the field of preventive and defensive fire protection. These include plant and professional fire brigades, fire brigade schools and service providers.


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Our range of services at a glance

  • Fire trainer for portable fire extinguisher training (rent or purchase)

  • Fire brigade training modules - mobile and stationary

  • Hazardous materials training systems

  • Service and maintenance

Furthermore, we solve customer-specific problems and develop training systems for special areas of application, supporting you from the planning stage all the way to production readiness.


HeatWave Fire Training Systems (fire training systems) is the only supplier able to provide full technical support for fire simulation systems, especially for products manufactured by the Naderer Firetrainer Group as well as RTD.


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EXPERIENCE innovative FIRE BRIGADE training!

Hazardous materials and fire simulation training system

The hazardous materials training system shown here was specially developed for training in cases of damage to tanker vehicles, tank containers, tank railcars (railway) and pipelines (GSG sites). The roll-off container consists of a free-standing container mock-up and an equipment room for storing equipment as well as a training system for sealing pipe leaks.

The purpose of the training system is to work on common valves of each valve type for road tankers, rail tankers and tank containers. The system offers the following training scenarios:

  • Sealing leaks in pipelines

  • Sealing leaks on tanks

  • Fixing simulated leaks on valves

  • Rescuing persons from containers

  • Getting to know different valve systems and operating principles for tanker vehicles

The roll-off container is only supplied with water and fog for training purposes. All systems have been presented as realistically as possible regarding their type and design. All leakages presented are controlled via pipelines.


The EVOLUTION© Fire Trainer
(Fire Trainer EVOLUTION©)

The perfect training device for portable fire extinguisher training.

25 years of experience in the development and construction of fire simulation equipment and fire simulation systems has resulted in the latest product from HeatWave: the Evolution© Fire Trainer!


The Evolution© Fire Trainer is the perfect training device for portable fire extinguisher training - regardless of whether you want to train your own employees or provide external training as a service provider. Thanks to the use of the highest quality stainless steel as well as components used in industrial technology, Evolution© training equipment offers the highest level of quality, safety, and reliability! Built according to DIN 14097-2 (gas-powered demonstration equipment).


The Evolution© Fire Trainer weighs only 25 kg and can be transported and operated by one person. The fire class A / B / C scenarios to be represented are very realistic and include your preferred level of high heat radiation. You'll be amazed with the results!


The training device is delivered ready for use. The scope of delivery includes the training device with an integrated rechargeable battery (for rechargeable battery or mains operation), the gas hose with a pressure reducer and a hand-held remote control. All you need is an 11 kg propane cylinder, and the training can begin!


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