EXPERIENCE innovative FIRE BRIGADE training!

Hazardous materials and fire simulation training system

GUBAS is the most advanced mobile fire and leakage training unit on the market, offering real, efficient, and safe training opportunities. The entire training system is operated with environmentally friendly propane gas and does not contaminate the air, soil, or fire-fighting water during training. The systems are built in accordance with DIN 14097-2 (fire training systems for gas-powered demonstration equipment) and are therefore subject to the highest safety requirements.


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Hazardous materials training systems | FIRE SIMULATION


  • Rupture fire with product leakage

  • Continuous fire/ground fire

  • Valve fire

  • Pressure relief valve / tank explosion

  • Fire display with inactive mock-ups

  • Mobile fire modules

Hazardous materials training systems | LEAKS


  • Tank crack and leaking weld seam

  • Leaking slide valve / valves

  • Pipe training system / transfer pumping

  • Front side crash leak

  • All known leak sealing methods are applicable

Hazardous materials training systems | ACETYLENE GAS (ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT)


  • Gas cylinder recovery

  • Gas cylinder cooling

  • Hose fire

  • Internal degradation detection

  • Soot formation due to internal degradation

  • Thermal imaging camera training

Hazardous materials training systems | TAKTIK


  • Accident assessment

  • Methodical training incl. recognition of the effectiveness of measures

  • Tactical training for hazardous materials accidents

  • Operational tactics for gas cylinder fires

  • Situational awareness training

  • Extinguishing training

  • Rescue of persons from containers

Design versions

GUBAS is designed and built entirely according to your wishes and specifications. Be it on a roll-off frame, a tandem trailer, either with or without a container rescue unit. You determine the features and appearance of your training system. Naturally, all system variants can also be delivered as a completely self-sufficient solution.


  • Chemical plant leak

  • Road tanker vehicle valves

  • Rail tank carriage valves

  • Defective gas line

  • Valve fire point

  • Acetylene fire point

  • Smoke system (demonstration of gases/vapours)

  • Colour mixing system (food colouring) up to 4 different colours

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