As a relatively young medium-sized company, we specialise in systems and equipment for all aspects of gas-operated fire simulation.

Our full service includes the three business areas of development, production, and sales.

Our simulations often form the decisive basis for sustainable fire protection in houses, buildings, and structures.

Some examples at airports clearly underline how serious and important fire protection really is.

Our offerings are aimed at customers, clients and interested parties from both the public and industrial sectors with plant, professional and volunteer fire brigades. Nationwide fire brigade schools and service providers from the field of fire prevention are equally interested in our services.


From portable fire extinguisher training to hazardous materials training

Our fire simulation devices are available in various designs and models which are designed for specific training applications. Operating the commonly known portable fire extinguisher for domestic use shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, handling a portable fire extinguisher weighing 27 kg or even heavier, for example, is more complex and heavier in both senses of the word. Our simulator enables perfect training during employee training courses in both individual and group lessons.

Extinguishing fires in different situations can be practised and trained with us using a state-of-the-art fire simulation system. This mobile fire and leak training unit offers a wide range of possibilities for efficient, safe, and absolutely real training exercises. The complex training system is operated using environmentally friendly propane gas. It does not contaminate the air, soil, or fire-fighting water supplies during training. Furthermore, it complies with the requirements of DIN 14097-2 for fire training systems and gas-operated demonstration equipment.

Theory is not neglected with us either. For example, numerical simulation methods can be used to assess the effects of fire events

and develop concepts for smoke extraction and evacuation.

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