Fire simulation devices are intended to simulate a real fire and to present it in a credible way using the hazardous materials training system. They offer the advantage of flexible usability in a controllable environment without being dependent on specific locations. Gas-powered appliances have a low weight of about twenty-five kilograms.

Fire simulation systems for a large number of trainees

Simulation systems, on the other hand, are permanently installed and are usually made up of several devices or modules. With their help, it is possible to trigger and control various fire scenarios. Permanently installed systems enable simulation for many trainees at once. Our young company has specialised in developing, producing, and distributing fire simulation devices and fire simulation systems. Our hazardous materials training systems can be used to demonstrate various fire and leakage simulations, as well as for training purposes for tactical training.

Qualified employees and field-tested fire scenarios

We know the conditions in the heat of a fire and use simulations that have been tried and tested in practical applications. HeatWave Fire Training Systems equipment is only intended for use in a controlled environment as part of the hazardous materials training system. They are suitable for various fire classes and meet the applicable technical standards. All versions are approved for the European market and feature CE marking.


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